Cooling towers

Open and closed towers are the key elements in process of cooling water in industrial and commercial facilities.

Darpin - chłodnictow, agregaty chłodnicze, skidy pompoweOpen and closed cooling tower

In various configurations

  • crossflow
  • counterflow
  • Cooling capacities range from 50kW to 20MW(concerns one unit)
  • Can consist of different materials: FRP, galvanized steel, stainless steel


  • Water flow range from 15m3/h to 2000m3/h(concerns one unit)
  • Cooling tower can work at 30% of nominal water flow (concerns crossflow towers)
  • Temperautre range up to 100 stC
  • Our devices are known from one of the lowest energy consumption and water losses on the cooling tower market.
  • In closed towers we use a copper or stainless steel heat exchanger which guarantees a long lifetime compared to galvanized steel heat exchangers used by our competitors

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