ORC systems

DARPIN ORC technology is a solution that perfectly meets the electricity production conditions by recovering industrial waste heat in mixed-cycle systems. The power of electricity generated by turbogenerators is from 20 kW to 5 MW. In many industrial processes there are waste energy storages that can be used cost-effectively. Waste energy is energy uselessly released into the environment, but we can change that by using it in an economically valuable way.

The ORC system allows You to use seemingly unnecessary waste heat in order to produce additional amount of electricity. It's extremely profitable, especially in situations when we are fightning with an energy deficit. The ORC system has several advantages, including: easy control, long lifetime and low service requirements.

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems are a technology that allows to gain heat from unconventional working mediums that are involved in the transformation from liquid to gaseous state at a much lower temperature in comparison with conventional working medium, like water. In this case the source of heat acquisition can be: biomass, geothermal sources, solar collectors, as well as industrial waste heat.

Advantages of ORC systems
Organic Rankine Cycle - ORC

  • Easy to control
  • High internal turbine efficiency (approximately 85%)
  • Low engine speed which allows for direct generator supply
  • large variation load range up to 10% of rated power
  • Possibility of heat supply at a low temperature level
  • Low maintanance and service costs. Easy to exploit.
  • Long durability related with low load of mechanical elements

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