Absorption chillers

Absorption chillers are advanced devices that use heat energy, including waste heat, to produce cold. This is an ideal solution, especially dedicated to situations of electricity deficit and unplanned excess of technological heat. In our offer You will find absorption chillers primarily known from impressive efficiency.

Absorption technology has been used for cooling and heating for over a hundred years. The energy used to power the chillers comes from combustion of gas or heating oil, steam, hot water, exhaust gases, waste heat and other unconventional sources of energy. The solution, which are absorption chillers, is primarily a high economic advantage, as it can be used in case of electricity deficit and allows for the consumption of technological waste heat.

Other advantages of the proposed solution are certainly:

  • Safety - No element of chiller is on pressure
  • Reliability - Top quality components
  • Ecology - Water is cooling refigerant
  • Functionality - parallel production of chilled and hot water
  • Low operating costs - especially if chiller uses "waste heat"

Absorption chillers are malfunctionless and impressively efficient installations, used not only in industry, but also in other sectors and industries including: shopping centers,

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