About Company

Darpin company was established in 1997. Since the beginning of our existence we have been specializing in introducing on the market innovative, modern and energy-saving industrial cooling, heating and power generating systems using renewable energy sources. Wide range of our devices shall apply to cool down many kind of machines and appliances in many industrial branches. The team of our specialists offers professional technical support in terms of their optimal selection, implementation and exploitation at investor site with maximum use of waste heat for the needs of usable energey (eg.: room or sanitary water heating)

Our offer includes:

  • Chillers
  • Dry coolers
  • Eporative cooling towers (closed, open, hybrid)
  • Hydraulic skids (pump skids)
  • Executing of industrial installations - heating/cooling systems
  • ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle)
  • Cogeneration devices
  • Service department and technical support

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Through many years of experience in the cooling industry and using the best components available on the market, we are working with many world-wide known brands. Currently we have a reference list covering hundreds of industrial plants where our cooling systems, heating systems and devices operate successfully. From a company with several years of domestic tradition, we have become a powerful company acting on international markets. We cooperate with companies from China, USA, Russia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Belarus.

Furthermore, in terms of our services we offer a wide range of projects along the comprehensive execution of industrial cooling installations and compressed air installation as well as the delivery of additional devices to use thermal energy from cooling to other solutions in the plant (eg.: combination of our cooling devices with Yours devices). Darpin's designers provide technical support in solving the most complex issues in the field of industrial cooling and energy-saving cooling systems, known as free - cooling, that minimizes the cost of electricity consumption during exploitation.

We hope that our offer will be interesting for You, if so, please contact us in order to set a meeting with ours specialists who are ready to make an immediate actions. In case of serious malfunctions we provide 24-hour service support accross Poland and the shortest delivery time of individual devices