Darpin is able to perform for You from waste heat or sewage:

  • Hot water up to 90 C degree
  • Cold water from 4C to 6C degree
  • Warm air for heating buildings
  • Electricity with efficiency range 8-20%

Recovery of waste and process heat, which is an unuse excess in executed technological processes, is primarily an innovative approach dedicated to the problems of electricity deficit as well as pro-ecological actions.

Waste heat recovery from production devices is one of renewable energy resources. It's possible to achieve by enriching traditional installations with a new functional block, allowing to use significant resources of "free" energy. As an income, the operating costs of the facility related to the consumption of electricity, chilled water, heating and hot water can be heavily lowered.

Well configured, designed and executed heat recovery center from a cooling installation means measurable benefits for the user, which in times of rising energy prices are becoming more and more noticeable. This renders that facility exploitation is becoming cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

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