Industrial Cooling
Innovation in technology

We create dedicated media control flow systems
for stabilzation of industrial technological processes

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Since the Darpin company has established, we specialize in introducing on the market innovative, energy-saving heating and cooling systems with contribution of renewable
energy sources.

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Cooling devices

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Chillers, Cooling Towers
Dry coolers,
Absorption Chillers

Our devices are a dedicated solution for condtions where effective, efficient and energy-saving media cooling is needed.


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Compact design, adaptability and advanced automatics - all these features describe pump skids by Darpin. All components are provided as a complete "turnkey" system which is easy to service.

Heat recovery

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Well configured, designed and executed heat recovery center from a cooling installation means measurable benefits for the user, which in times of rising energy prices are becoming more and more noticeable.

Darpin - chłodnictow, agregaty chłodnicze, skidy pompoweServices

Service department

Darpin is a high-qualified service department in terms of cooling, automatics and chillers repairment. All our actions ensure satisfying results.


Renting chillers for a definite or indefinite time period is another advantage in Darpin's offer. We can provide chiller according to our customers needs, expectations and preferences.


Designing industrial installations, selecting an optimized assembly system, creating pipelines project, executing cable routes and control unit of cooling system

Technical support

Thanks to our knowledge and experience we can offer professional technical support in terms of cooling and industrial installations.

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